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Las Vegas Auto Detailing is locally owned & operated. We have over 30 years experience in the car wash and detailing industry. We take pride in our work and will go the extra mile to please our clients. We come to your home, office, or job fully prepared to give you the professional service you deserve. Your complete satisfaction is our most valuable reward. We are fully licensed and insured. We...

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Las Vegas Auto Detailing offers top rated and professional Auto Detailing in Henderson. [Read More]

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    Interior & exterior detailing, car wash, waxing, wheel & rim polishing and more
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    Mobile Car Wash and Detail

Auto Detailing Tips

Auto Detailing Tips

Las Vegas Auto Detailing provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Auto Detailing ]

Las Vegas Auto Detailing | Quality Mobile Car Wash and Detail

Even the neatest and most organized people collect dust and clutter in their cars. Additionally, many cars go around with dust and grime coating their exterior surfaces. With most individuals too busy to take care of this problem on their own, organizations such as Las Vegas Auto Detailing serve to meet this need. What is Auto Detailing? Auto detailing is an extremely thorough process that involves cleaning both the interior and exterior of an automobile.

Auto detailing typically includes dusting, scrubbing, cleaning, and vacuuming of the entire car interior. Non-porous surfaces are polished and stains can be removed from the upholstery. The exterior of the car will be washed and scrubbed on all surfaces, including the undercarriage. Fine scratches in the clear coat can be removed during buffing, as well. Following washing, all automobiles are waxed to preserve their clean finish. Las Vegas Auto Detailing provides utmost attention to each car, ensuring that no surfaces are missed. Why Should I Pay for Auto Detailing? Many people fail to see a need to pay for this valuable service, feeling they can live with the grime and clutter. However, auto detailing actually helps to preserve the retail value of a car.

High powered vacuum cleaners with small attachments allow employees at Las Vegas Auto Detailing to get into crevices that may be hard to reach at home. Regular detailing also ensures that the interior is kept stain-free, providing a more desirable vehicle for subsequent owners. Exterior detailing is equally, if not more, important for preserving the car's quality and resale value. Car washes do not remove all dirt and grime, and this build-up can actually impact car performance. The experts at Las Vegas Auto Detailing will return a car that is more enjoyable to drive, and will fetch more in trade-in value.